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A novel about memory and trauma set in the hills of southern Indiana. Six years after being attacked, Maggie Wilson’s understanding of her past is thrown into doubt when a stranger she’s never met confesses to the crime – a crime she believes her husband committed. Terrified, Maggie plunges into memories of her marriage to her college sweetheart, Nate Duke. Secluded in the old farmhouse that was her marital home, she pores through trial transcripts, journals, and albums, recreating the history of her courtship, trying to remember and understand the events of that fateful night.

Hidden is a novel in which the elusive truth about a violent crime is chased down in a narrative that is as original as it is well-structured.”

—Times Literary Supplement

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The Market for Virgins

When a group of Hong Kong investment bankers take a junk outing in the South China Sea, the conversation takes an unpredictable turn and reveals a sordid secret in this story about a young American coping with the culture of high finance.

“This tale of business, sex and seafood has a dark undertow, dragging us into the detritus of colonial decadence. Stylish and disturbing.”

—Mikita Brottman, author of Couple Found Slain

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The fifth annual issue of Full Bleed, produced by the outstanding students in my Publishing Culture class at MICA, is now available for purchase here.


Paul Jaskunas is a professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art and the author of the novel Hidden, which received the Friends of American Writers Award. His fiction, poetry, and journalism have appeared in a broad array of periodicals, including the New York Times, America, the Windhover, Gargoyle, the Comstock Review, the Cortland Review, and the Museum of Americana. At MICA, he teaches literature and creative writing, and is the founding editor of Full Bleed, a journal devoted to the visual and literary arts. In the past, Paul has worked as a journalist and a publicist. He lives in Maryland outside Washington, D.C. and can be reached at